Accurate Quote


What we need from you to begin work and provide you with an "Accurate Quote for Services".

Individual tax Preparation

Our tax return preparation fees are based upon the amount of forms and schedules needed to properly prepare your return. Each form and schedule has an associated fee. Our fee includes preparation and E-Filing of your Federal and one State return. Additional states are billed accordingly. Provide us a copy of your prior year’s return and we will quote you what we would have charged.

Tax preparation requires us to have a copy of your prior years return if not prepared by our firm and all of your current year tax forms, such as W2s, 1099s, 1098s etc. Also provide a schedule detailing your out of pocket medical expenses, cash/check charitable contributions, out of pocket non reimbursed job expenses and a schedule of any non-cash donations such as used clothes donated to goodwill. NJ residents who do not own and rent need provide a schedule of rent paid for the NJ tenant credit.

Our payroll fees are based upon the number of employees and the frequency of your payroll processing runs, be it weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly. Provide us this information and we can provide you a quote for our per payroll fee.

The core of the services we provide. Fees are based upon two factors, the scope of the service provided and the volume of transactions to be processed. We explain this as your accounting, bookkeeping and tax work are all steps, like the alphabet, from A-Z, where step ‘A’ is the receiving invoices and bills that need be paid, making deposits, paying bills, etc. Step ‘Z’ is your year-end tax return. Together we decide where in there alphabet, from A-Z do you as the client process the work, and where do we as your professional take over. For some clients, we provide a complete outsource virtual CFO solution, where the client does little if any work. Other clients want a computerized system to write their checks and track their bank balance leaving the remainder up to us. While others prefer the old fashioned way of paying bills by handwritten check and we create your books and records after the fact. Together we decide what works best for you, and most importantly, what you are comfortable with. No matter how great an accounting system we design and provide for a client, if you do not like it, do not understand it, then it will not be done, and what good is that?